Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Curb Appeal: Mailboxes Worth Attention, Can Be Unique

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A neighborhood of matching mailboxes is sometimes mandated by Home Owners Association rules. The Architectural Review Board for the HOA may state that mailboxes have to be a certain style, a certain color and placed in a certain spot near your street. The uniformity of a neighborhood can be quite appealing to some.

But you may still be able to dress them up with flowers planted at the base or with a vining plant, like Confederate Jasmine, trained and trimmed to cover the post.

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Photo courtesy

Other neighborhoods don’t seem to mind what you do with your mailbox. Here you can get creative.

A typical scenario is a mailbox that matches the house: one surrounded by the same brick, stone or siding used on the house. Other homeowners like the sturdy plastic variety of mailboxes, yet still others go out on a limb with whimsy.

Whatever you do, keep it tasteful if you are getting ready to sell your house. If you don’t plan to be in your home very long, a plain black mailbox might be all you need. Remember: The next homeowner may have to change that whimsical box and may not want the hassle. You’d be surprised what can break a deal in real estate.

Check with your HOA for rules governing your mailbox and think “curb appeal.”

Saunders_EileenEileen Saunders is a contributor who writes on curb appeal and gardening. A certified Junior Master Gardener Instructor and Master Environmental Educator, Eileen is also a realtor in the Oxford office of Tommy Morgan Inc., Realtors. You can contact Eileen at or call her at (662) 404-0816. For more home tips, follow her Facebook page.

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