Tuesday, August 9, 2022

May’s Adoptive Pet: Blue, a Dog Looking for Second Home

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A week ago Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society received two dogs whose owners couldn’t take them across the country to their new homes.

Blue enjoys a Friday afternoon in the park.
Blue enjoys a Friday afternoon in the park.

The two dogs were a golden retriever and a mix of Australian cattle dog and Anatolian shepherd named Blue. After four days, the 2-year-old dog’s companion of nine years, the golden retriever, went to a new home last Thursday.

On a bright Friday afternoon amid noisy barking Blue huddled in a corner in an outside kennel. She wasn’t unfriendly though as she licked people who stuck their fingers through the grate to try and pet her.

She perked up as soon as she was led outside on a loosely tied leash that she never tried to break out of. As she walked out of the kennel her demeanor changed from anxious to friendly. Within the dog park, she immediately bumped her head against legs, asking for head scratches. She wouldn’t jump on people even when prompted to.

Bellyrubs are a quick way to win Blue's heart.
Belly rubs are a quick way to win Blue’s heart.

Jennifer Petermann, Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society director, said. “She’s so sweet. She’s great with children and other dogs.”

Her adoption fee is $125 that includes spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations and a dewormer test as well as a month-long flea and tick medication prevention. To find her just walk by the kennels and find a quiet dog with a curled tail, a speckled coat and warm eyes. She’s sure to be a pet who will cuddle at any time.

Callie Daniels is a staff reporter/writer for HottyToddy.com. She can be reached at callie.daniels@hottytoddy.com.

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