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An Oxford Floral Company Designer’s Dream Wedding

Whitney Marquis and Clark Pullen of Water Valley married on April 11, 2015 at her parent’s home in Oxford.

When the doors are locked and all designers are on board throwing in the best of the best designs, it can only mean one thing: one of our designers is getting married. Whitney Marquis and Clark Pullen of Water Valley married on April 11, 2015 at her parent’s home in Oxford. Each designer of Oxford Floral had something special to design for both the reception and ceremony, the only thing left unknown was the bridal bouquet. Being a designer this bride had a midnight date with the floral shop, where she surprised all designers, staff and guests by creating her own one of a kind bouquet.

Whitney's one-of-a-kind bouquet
Whitney’s one-of-a-kind bouquet

What was your favorite unique accessory?
“My favorite accessory has to be all of the charms I had tucked away in my bouquet. I had pins, tie tacks, and cuff links that belonged to my grandfathers. I had my grandmother’s ring that she gave to me when I left to attend the University of Alabama. I also carried a handkerchief that belonged to my grandfather. Between Clark and I, I’m the only one with a living grandparent. So, having that in my bouquet all day made it special.”

W&C Invitation Collage
How did you pick “the dress?”
“I went to Lows in Brinkley, Arkansas with my sister, mom, step mom and friend, Jessica. I had tried on about 20 dresses and found one that was in my “budget and fit.” My sister, manager of a bridal store, hated it! She decided she wanted to go pick out my dress herself. Twenty minutes later she returned with two sales associates, an arm full of dresses, and a full size mannequin off of the display with a dress on it. Eventually, I got around to trying on the mannequin dress and instantly fell in love. On one hand, it was way over my budget, on the other hand, I had to have it, it was… “the dress.” I began thinking of payment plans and telling my step-mother, “hold on- let me call the bank and see what I can pay now and how I can work this out.” As if the bank would give me a loan for the dress of my dreams. Thats when my step-mother looked at the sales associate and said the three golden words, “we’ll take it.” Needless to say, we did not take out a dress loan, I left that day with the dress paid for and it arrived six weeks later.”


How did the two of you meet?
“We knew each other in High School but we weren’t friends. When I moved home from the University of Alabama I went to work at a flower shop Clark was working at. We we’re friends at first and started dating about 3 months after I started working there.


What is your proposal story?
“We went to Nashville for the Ole Miss bowl game and stayed for New Year’s Eve downtown. It was cold and miserable and I wanted to leave, but Clark insisted on staying for the fireworks. When midnight rolled around, I felt someone tap my shoulder and that’s when Clark asked me to marry him and I said yes!”

W&C Ceremony

What inspired your color scheme/theme/flowers?
“Being a floral designer I see weddings and flowers of all types. My biggest thing was wanting everything different. I wanted a different venue, different dress, different flower concepts. I always knew where I wanted my wedding and reception.”

Champagne collage

What were you looking forward to the most about the wedding and married life?
“The one think I looked forward to at my wedding was seeing Clark for the first time. We waited so long for this special moment and it finally happened. As far as married life, each day has been great. We bought our first house last May and we have been spending our time fixing it and making it our own. We look forward to raising our family here and making memories.”


Location: Oxford, MS
Rentals: Details
Floral: Oxford Floral Company
Photography: Taylor Square Photography

Story and photos courtesy Oxford Floral Company