Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Non-Aggressive Dog Allegedly Shot in Lafayette County

The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department is looking into an alleged dog shooting that took place last night right off County Road 105, or West Spring Hill Road, in Lafayette County.

“We know very little about it,” said Lafayette County Sheriff Buddy East. “We got a call that [a dog] had been shot, and we’re looking into it to find out exactly what happened.”

Eyewitnesses claim that a medium-sized, non-aggressive dog walked across the road and behind a house where it was shot and left to die.

“We heard a gun shot and a dog made an awful sound,” one eyewitness said. “I’ve never heard an animal make a sound like that. I’ll be haunted forever after hearing that.”

The eyewitness said the dog did not die immediately, but was left wounded.

“[The shooter] could have shot it and put it out of its misery,” the witness said. “There are so many rescue groups in this area. There was no need to kill that dog.”

The witness said children were near the scene of the incident and heard the gunshots, but did not see the shooting take place.

A report has been filed at the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office.

“If there’s anything we can prove, we will prosecute to the fullest,” East said.

According to Mississippi law, a person who is convicted of a first offense of aggravated cruelty to a dog or cat shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and fined not more than $2,500 or imprisoned for a maximum of six months. A person convicted a second time within five years is guilty of a felony and fined a maximum of $5,000 and imprisoned for a maximum of five years.

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