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Vassallo Interviews: Fred Pinion Provides Quality Insurance, Customer Service

(left to right)  Nikki Carter, Melanee Pinion, Freddie Pinion and Logan Cauthen.
(left to right) Nikki Carter, Melanee
Pinion, Freddie Pinion and Logan Cauthen.

Freddie Pinion is not only a successful businessman but a father of twins, Barrett and Bailey, as well as a US Army vet. Freddie and his lovely wife Melanee operate a most active and highly visible insurance business here in Oxford. The Pinion’s are quite active in the Oxford community and have been going on 19 years! Freddie, tell us how long you have been in business in Oxford.

Freddie Pinion: My Alfa Insurance office has been in business since November 2001. Where exactly are you located?

Freddie Pinion: My office is located at 2621 A. West Oxford Loop. We have been in the same location for the past 13 years. What do most of your clients need most in the form of coverage?

Freddie Pinion: We offer a full line of insurance including auto, home, life and commercial. All of my clients expect the very best in excellent coverage, lower prices and awesome customer service. This is what they expect and this is what they get. Freddie, you have lived in North MS your entire life. How does Oxford compare business wise to just five years ago?

Freddie: I believe the Oxford economy has had a tremendous rebound and I look forward to it getting even better. How do your rates compare to your competition?

Freddie Pinion: We have some of the lowest rates in North Mississippi. Customer service is extremely important in the insurance business. How would you rate yours?

Freddie Pinion: We pride ourselves on having the best customer service around. Our customers are more than customers- they are like family. We know what is going on in their lives and they know about ours. They all have my cell number and can call me anytime – 24-7! Repeat business says volumes. How do you “measure up” in this regard?

Freddie Pinion: We currently have a 93% retention ratio and we are very proud of these numbers. Your corporate awards and recognitions are off the charts.

Freddie Pinion: I must admit, the awards, plaques and recognition are great. But, having a customer tell me that they feel I am doing the best job for them, trumps any award. You apparently excel in satisfying your customer’s needs. Provide us a recent example.

Freddie Pinion: A couple of days before Christmas, we had a family of customers who were involve in an auto accident. They called me and I met them on the scene. I took the wife and kids to the hospital to get checked out and the husband to get a rental car. Thankfully, they were all ok and were able to enjoy their Christmas. Things usually don’t happen at a “convenient” time. That’s why it is so important to have an agent who is always available. Shifting gears, tell us briefly about some of your community involvement.

Freddie Pinion: I am a member of The Chamber of Commerce, The Rotary Club, The O.D. Smith Masonic Lodge and The Oxford Shrine Club. Freddie, you devote a great deal of your free time to Ole Miss sports.

Freddie Pinion: We bleed Red & Blue at our house. My wife and I were both raised Rebel Fans and we are very happy to be raising our 6 year old twins as Rebels also. I remember as a child, being at my Grandfather’s farm and we’d stop working long enough to listen to the game on the radio. Now, I love getting to take my kids to the games. Provide us with just one reason we should leave our current agent to do business with you at Alfa.

Freddie Pinion: It’s simple, we still do business face to face. If you can’t make it to me, I come to you. All of our customers have my cell number and know they can call me anytime – day or night. Most even have my wife Melanee’s number. Tell us briefly about your staff.

Freddie Pinion: My wife Melanee works with me as my Associate Agent. She came on board with me 6 months after I opened. We also have the best CSRs in the business. They are always there with a smile on their faces and eager to help our customers. Your business is growing by leaps and bounds.

Freddie Pinion: I think this has a lot to do with our customer service. A lot of our new customers come to us as referrals. I strongly feel that your insurance is only as good as your agent.

Steve Vassallo is a contributor. Steve writes on Ole Miss athletics, Oxford business, politics and other subjects. He is an Ole Miss grad and former radio announcer for the basketball team. Currently, Steve is a highly successful leader in the real estate business who lives in Oxford with his wife Rosie. You can contact Steve at or call him at 985-852-7745.

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