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RebelLaundry.Com Offers Laundry Services, Delivery to Dorm Residents

College students come up with brilliant ideas that often confound major corporations with campus start-ups., doing business at Ole Miss as, may be one of those student start-ups with campus legs. Created by two Baylor students, provides laundry, dry cleaning pickup and delivery services to college dorm residents.

Students may sign up for laundry services at designated spots

The Ole Miss operation is called Rebel Laundry. Students can sign up online or at tables set up at the Ole Miss Union and then use a convenient cell phone app to track the pick-up and delivery of their laundry and dry cleaning.

“We have four pick up locations at Stockard/Martin, Crosby, Kincannon and the Residential College dorms at Ole Miss. Pickup and delivery are easy and laundry comes back clean and neatly folded,” said Alex Shields, Rebel Laundry representative.

Shields and two other Rebel Laundry employees were doing a brisk business registering students at the Ole Miss Union as the fall semester began. A large white laundry delivery truck stood on the front lawn of the Ole Miss Union as registration took place. Laundry services began on August 24.

The Rebel Laundry truck

According to Shields, Rebel Laundry subcontracts a local group to provide the wash, dry and fold services as well as dry cleaning. The large white Rebel Laundry truck makes the rounds on specific days each week.

The company offers either annual or semester plans, divided by three groups of pricing per pounds (10, 20 or 30 lbs) of laundry needed to be washed per week. Students can pay $374 a semester to have 20 pounds of laundry done per week. In the annual plan, the students can pay $698 for 20 pounds of laundry per week. uses a clever slogan that is appealing to students: “turn a chore into something more.” and promote their services as a convenience that gives students  “more time for academic achievement, community service and student life” — all subjects of interest to most parents as well as students.

Start-ups like are often more competitive due to flexibility and special services sometimes not available from established businesses.

Shields said, “We are in 22 colleges and looking to expand.”

Time will tell, but and may have laid claim to a niche business overlooked by the corporate big boys.

Story by Jim Roberts for Email with comments.

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