Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Passion for Politics: Democratic Debate Disappointing, Electorate Remains Angry

passion for politics

Rather than attack the front runner Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Debate looked more like an audition for cabinet posts from the four challengers.

Hilary Clinton (Photo courtesy Hilary Clinton Facebook page)
Hilary Clinton
(Photo courtesy Hilary Clinton Facebook page)

In fact, leading contender Bernie Sanders even supported Hillary’s position for ending the email controversy. With Vice President Biden still holding to his silence, it’s appearing more likely that even he does not want to tangle with her despite favorable polls.

The latest FOX News poll reflects Trump defeating Clinton 45 to 40, but shows Biden defeating Trump 50-37. The same poll ranks the leading contenders for the Republican nomination as Trump leading with 24 percent, Carson at 23 percent, Rubio at 9 percent, and Bush 8 percent. However, the just released Ipsos/Reuters Poll has Trump widening his lead 31 to 21 over Carson and only 9 percent for Rubio and 8 percent for Bush.

Real Clear Politics reported this week that according to Reuters, 57 percent of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track for direction. And according to FOX News 78 percent of the country disapprove of Congress and 53 percent disapprove of the way President Obama is handling his job.

The Republican nominee will eventually come down to who wins the individual state primaries. This is where Trump separates himself from the field as he is leading in every state and in some by wide margins. The CNN/ORC polling data currently has Trump in Nevada leading Carson 38 to 22 and 36 to 18 in South Carolina.

The shadow story going on right now indicates the FBI is zeroing in on Hillary’s mishandling of national security documents according to Catherine Herridge, Fox Investigative Reporter. People who were not cleared for these type documents having access is problematic for the Clinton campaign.

Donald Trump (Photo courtesy Donald Trump Facebook page)
Donald Trump
(Photo courtesy Donald Trump Facebook page)

Donald Trump’s new advertising campaign focusing on female voters will be launched soon featuring his wife and daughter Ivanka. Trump has also been invited to host Saturday Night Live on November 7.

The upcoming Republican Debate scheduled for October 28 in Boulder may be missing the leading two candidates. Trump and Carson have indicated they will not appear unless the debate is only two hours in length and candidates are allowed to make opening and closing statements.

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