Saturday, September 30, 2023

NancyKay Wessman to sign Katrina, Mississippi: Voices from Ground Zero at Square Books

Nancy Kay Wessman

NancyKay Wessman will be signing her book, Katrina: Mississippi: Voices from Ground Zero at Square Books in Oxford on Wednesday, October 27 at noon.

Katrina, Mississippi: Voices from Ground Zero is the story of an egomaniacal public health physician, Dr. Robert Travicek, who defiantly held his ground in the Emergency Operations Center in Harrison County before, during and 100 days after Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


Despite pushback from the MS State Department of Health, the renegade doctor did what he saw fit to prevent a tragic norovirus outbreak as was seen in the Superdome in New Orleans.

The book also tells the never-before-told stories of the first responders and the incredible challenges they faced after the storm. This work of creative non-fiction is 100% true, yet reads like a novel. Described as “riveting” and “a page-turner,” NancyKay Wessman’s work is the definitive story of Katrina in Mississippi.

Wessman encourages people to come and share their own Katrina stories.

“Everyone has one, no matter where they lived,” she said. “Whether it was watching the news of the storm coming and then its aftermath to housing refugees to actually living in the path of the storm, Katrina affected all of Mississippi and beyond. This is our true story.”

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