Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Hollywood Feed Takes A More Personal Approach

IMG_0350Dealing with animals can be a hassle at times. Hollywood Feed is there to help. This store has everything you need in order to feed, train and groom your pet.

Hollywood Feed sales everything that you would need for your pet. They sell products such as food, collars, treats and toys, cleaning products and candles.

Also, if a customer wants something that the store doesn’t have, staff will easily order the product for the customer. There is also a return policy that states if the customer buys a product and his or her pet doesn’t like it, the customer can return the product no matter what the condition.

As a pet owner, you want everything perfect for your pet. You want him or her to have the best food, the right training, and you want them to look presentable. One thing that Hollywood Feed is known for is quality.

“We’re not going to carry anything that is from China because they carry mostly low-quality food,” said Samantha Jagger, sales associate.


Hollywood Feed has local trainers come in to help train dogs. This  helps the trainer, along with employees, to get on a more personal level with the dog and the customer.

“We make it our duty to be more on a personal level with your pet, and I think that is one thing that sets us apart,” Jagger said.

Another thing that makes Hollywood Feed unique is relation to the community. Staff continuously works with the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society in Oxford and other animal shelters in Batesville. Hollywood Feed staff also has a Southern Magnolia Boxer Rescue. Every Saturday, adoption events are held where Oxford residents and others from around the area can adopt dogs or cats.

For more information, visit the Oxford Hollywood Feed website at  http://www.hollywoodfeed.com/location/oxford/.

Jeffrey McIntosh is a senior print journalism major at the Meek School of Journalism and New Media. He can be reached at jtmcint1@go.olemiss.edu.

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