Tuesday, February 7, 2023

2015 Election Results for Lafayette County, Mississippi


Yesterday, voters turned out across Mississippi to vote for local and state offices. Hotty Toddy News has gathered the results for Lafayette County and Mississippi Statewide elections:


Statewide Election Results:


MS Governor:

Winner- Phil Bryant (R)


MS Lieutenant Governor:

Winner- Tate Reeves (R)


MS Secretary of State:

Winner- Delbert Hosemann Jr. (R)


MS Attorney General:

Winner- Jim Hood (D)


MS State Treasurer:

Winner- Lynn Finch (R)


MS State Auditor:

Winner- Stacey Pickering (R)


MS State Agriculture and Commerce Commissioner:

Winner- Cindy Hyde-Smith


MS State Insurance Commissioner:

Winner- Mike Chaney (R)


MS Initiative 42 and 42A

Against: 346,344 votes, 52%

Approval 42A: 318,625 votes, 48%


MS Initiative 42 or 42A

42: 310,241 votes, 59%

42A: 219,084 votes, 41%


The Great Seal of the State of Mississippi
The Great Seal of the State of Mississippi

Mississippi has 52 state Senators. State senator terms last 4 years. 

20 Democrats

32 Republicans

Mississippi has 122 House of Representatives. House of Representative terms are 2 years. 

58 Democrats

64 Republicans


The Lafayette County Courthouse
The Lafayette County Courthouse

2015 Lafayette County Election Results:


State Senate District 9

Tollison, Gray (i) (GOP) 7,858 votes, 59%

Hemmins, Cristen (D) 5,382 votes, 41%


State House District 12

Hughes, J.P. (D) 2,439 votes, 55%

Mayo, Brad (i) (GOP) 1,983 votes, 45%


Lafayette Supervisor District 1

Babb, Rickey (GOP) 833 votes, 37%

Frye, Kevin W. (D) 1,006 votes, 44%

Hyneman, Brian (IND) 425 votes, 19%


Lafayette Supervisor District 3

Carey, Zach (IND) 60 votes, 2%

Gordon, Dale Timothy (DEM) 1,440 votes, 49%

Rikard, David (GOP) 1,451 votes, 49%


Lafayette Supervisor District 5

Fortner, Johnny Mike (GOP) 457 votes, 37%

Roberts, Mike (DEM) 766 votes, 63%


Lafayette Justice Court Judge Northern

Bell, Carolyn Pettis- 2,358 votes, 53%

Johnson, Jeffery M.- 2,054 votes, 47%


Lafayette County, Mississippi Intiative 42 and 42A Education Funding

Against both: 5,291 (49.6%)

Against of either: 5,377 (50.4%)


Lafayette County, Mississippi Intiative 42 or 42A Education Funding

Initiative 42: 5,278 (63.2%)

Initiative 42A: 3,073 (36.8%)





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