Wednesday, July 6, 2022

A Fitness Ministry: Envision, Embrace and Transform

“We’re in this together. I’m for you. It’s not about coming in and just paying money for a membership. I want you to experience true fitness. I want you to feel accomplished when you leave my gym”, Lawrence Muruako said.

He is the owner of Rebel Body Fitness and 24­7 Gym. Muruako wears a lot of hats such as personal trainer, group trainer, corporate wellness instructor, fitness consultant, community outreach organizer to name a few. He is determined to make the community healthier.


It’s the quiet before the storm right now for Muruako. He is waiting patiently to be rushed by the many who are re­committing to the gym for the New Year. However, his goal is to keep people committed. Muruako sees his fitness business as a ministry. He lives by the mantra, “Envision, Embrace, and Transform.”

His lifelong passion for fitness stems from his upbringing. His mother was a fitness instructor and his father was very active in sports, particularly tennis. Muruako has always lived an overall healthy life. He turned his fitness passion into a business around 2004 while in school when he made exercise science his major at the University of Mississippi. Now he believes his destiny is to affect people’s lives by helping them become fit, as well as to be a better human being.

People approach fitness in many different ways. All of the ways are built on one primary factor, consistency. Consistency is key. You’re not the only one inconsistent is what Muruako
wants people to know. Inconsistency is everyone’s thing. According to Muruako, the way to stay is to draw an emotional connection. Getting people to draw an emotional connection is the root.

He believes that when one draws an emotional connection that person is more committed. People are driven after committing once they know why they are committing.


Finding the emotional connection is only the first step. Once you get to the gym Muruako asks you to look deeper. Deep down what are your goals? Why are they your goals?

Then, along with a trainer, find out what is the real motivation, and Muruako says that is the embracing piece. After you get in the gym and put in the work, then you’ll transform. Muruako not only wants to transform your body, but your whole life.

Muruako can be found daily at his gym and reached anytime for the people who are ready to transform. For more information about establishing a membership:

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