Sunday, October 2, 2022

Meek Photos Tell an Important Story

Courtesy Meek School of Journalism & New Media
Courtesy Meek School of Journalism & New Media

In 1962, the University of Mississippi became the center of the universe for racial progress in America when federal courts and President John F. Kennedy forced the state to start providing the basic legal rights of citizenship to all citizens.

The enrollment of African-American veteran James Meredith was met with resistance, but started a process of reconciliation that continues to this day.

Dr. Ed Meek was on campus during those days and had his camera. For the first time, his photos are assembled in a book with Ole Miss Professor Curtis Wilkie, a student at the time, providing a written narrative.

The book, “Riot,” has been widely praised by critics for bringing context to a crucial moment in American history.

Courtesy Meek School of Journalism & New Media

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