Saturday, September 30, 2023

Haiti Update: Ole Miss Students Plant Trees, Paint for Haitians

Haiti days 3Today, an Ole Miss student led organization, Ole Missions, spent part of its Haiti mission trip painting houses for a community of people in Haiti.

“Today the Ole Missions team spent the morning painting houses in the local villages,” the Ole Missions Facebook page said. “Haitians take great pride in the appearance of their houses and we hope that through our actions the Haitian people will feel God’s love.”

The group will be Haiti until Saturday, March 19. Each day the group helps a local community complete or start a project to better help that community. Yesterday, Ole Missions spent the day planting fruit baring trees for a community.

“Today the Ole Missions team spent their day planting trees in a local village,” the Ole Missions Facebook page said. “These trees will go on to produce fruit not only for the family but also for the surrounding families. We hope this will be helpful in the development of the community both physically and spiritually.”

Hotty Toddy, Ole Missions!

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Photos: Courtesy of Ole Missions Facebook page

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