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Arkansas Online: Ole Miss Alumni Couple Land to Turmoil at Brussels Airport

Photo credit: Arkansas Online
Photo credit: Arkansas Online

Arkansas Online reported that an Ole Miss alumni couple, Hunter and Megan Carpenter, landed at the Brussels Airport just minutes before the first of two bombs exploded.

Megan hails from Clarksdale, Mississippi, and she met her husband, Hunter, who is from Little Rock, Arkansas, while they were students at the University of Mississippi. Hunter holds three degrees from the University of Mississippi: a bachelor’s in 1999 and a master’s in 2000 in accounting with a law degree in 2003. He is also a four-year letterman for Ole Miss men’s basketball team. Last October, Ole Miss Alumni Association granted him the Outstanding Young Alumni Award. Hunter is currently a partner of RedBird Capital Partners where he oversees natural resources and industrial investment activity.

Arkansas Online reports that the reason the Dallas-based couple were flying internationally were because they were on their way to the Democratic Republic of the Congo where they have worked for three years to adopt six-year-old twin girls.

Here is an excerpt from Arkansas Online‘s article:

Hunter Carpenter and his wife, Megan, were on a plane pulling up to the gate when the pilot announced that there was a “security situation,” Carpenter said Tuesday by cellphone. The passengers were not allowed to immediately leave the plane. So, Carpenter logged onto Twitter and learned the seriousness of their situation.

Belgium was hit with three bombings Tuesday — two at the airport in the suburb of Zaventem (northeast of the capital), and one about an hour later in the Brussels subway system near the European Union headquarters. The Islamic State extremist group has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

When the Carpenters and fellow passengers were allowed to leave the plane, they stepped into a scene of chaos.

“We deplaned, and everybody was running around crazy,” Carpenter said. “They had people everywhere with SWAT teams and all that. There was ambulance after ambulance coming out [to the airport].”

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