Friday, March 31, 2023

Monday’s Top 7 Instagram Photos by

After taking a tough loss at Swayze this weekend, we had to do a little digging to remind everyone why it’s alright to lose from time to time. We always win with the most beautiful campus. Who can deny that with those gorgeous spring blooms? We always win with the best festivals around. Double Decker, can you get here sooner? We always win with the classiest of class representing the Ole Miss Greek life. And, c’mon, does the Walk of Champions ever lose? So, you see, sometimes we have to let someone else have the win for once, because we win every day. So to celebrate, here are 7 photos of the real go-getters (the winners) this week on Instagram.

Also, a reminder to our readers, Instagram is changing their algorithms tomorrow. What this means for you: you may not see everything we post unless you take one simple step. Turn on your post notifications.image1-118

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