Friday, March 31, 2023

Video Catches Mississippi Cop Soliciting Sex From Teen Girl – WARNING: Strong Language

WARNING: Video contains strong language.

A Jackson, Mississippi police officer has been fired after being shown on a Facebook video carrying on a sexually explicit conversation with a young woman while on duty.

Officer Darryl Stasher was sitting in his patrol car talking to the woman about “going to a room.” Police believe she’s a teenager. Stasher had been with the department for at least eight years.

Transcript captured from cell phone video:

Female: Man, I ain’t scared to [expletive] with nobody what you talking about?

Officer: Okay, well why you acting like you can’t go to the room? Ain’t nobody going to know what we doing in the room. I’m going to take care of you, so.

Female: You can take care of me but I don’t go to rooms.

Officer: Okay, where the hell you go? How do you do grown folk stuff then?

Officer: Oh so you sayin you ain’t [expletive]?

Female: I don’t [expletive].

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