Wednesday, March 22, 2023

2 More Mississippi Universities Lower State Flag

Mississippi State and Mississippi University for Women are the latest universities in taking it down the flag that includes the Confederate emblem.

Delta State is now the only state-supported university that continues to fly the flag.

Opponents say the Confederate emblem on the state flag is a reminder of a dark period of Mississippi history, but supporters say it’s part of the state’s heritage.

Governor Phil Bryant told reporters he doesn’t agree with the decision.

“Whether you like the flag or not, the state law calls for it to be treated with equal respect,” Bryant said.

He says it’s “troubling” that university presidents are teaching students that it’s okay to ignore the law.

“Delta State continues to fly the State flag out of respect to our relationship with the State of Mississippi, and despite our disagreement with symbols that cause an unfortunate barrier to understanding,” Delta State spokeswoman Jennifer Farish said.

Farish said it would take a vote of Delta State faculty, students and administrators to remove the flag.

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