Saturday, January 28, 2023

Mementos Landscape Makeshift Memorial for Walker Atkinson

On a handmade wooden cross rests cans of chewing tobacco, shotgun shells, a ball cap, and a spark plug. At the foot of the cross sits a styrofoam cooler holding fresh-cut flowers,

Since the tragic death of Walker Atkinson August 28th, 2016, a makeshift memorial on Old Sardis Road has sprung up at the scene of the deadly one-car crash.

Walker Atkinson
Momentos important to Walker Atkinson line a wooden cross along Old Sardis Road. (Photo by Ed Meek)

Signs and mementos landscape the site in honor of the 14-year-old Lafayette County Middle School where Atkinson lost control of his vehicle.

Friends and family say his best friend was James “Booger” Durham. Durham taught him to drive a tractor, fix anything that was broken, wrangle cows and more.

As previously reported Walker enjoyed the time he spent with Booger farming.

Walker Atkinson
(Photo by Ed Meek)
(Photo by Ed Meek)

Walker was an eighth-grade student at Lafayette Middle School. The makeshift memorial reflects the fact that he enjoyed being outdoors and spent as much time as he could on a tractor, cutting, raking and baling hay.

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