Saturday, July 31, 2021

Flags And Signs In Violation of Stadium Policy Confiscated at Ole Miss-Alabama Game

Ole Miss officials say flags, including the Mississippi flag, and signs displayed at the game in violation of stadium policy were confiscated and removed at the Ole Miss-Alabama game.

Ole Miss Senior Associate AD/Communications and Marketing, Michael Thompson, said, “I don’t know what was on any of the signs. I just know all signs were removed. It’s a non-story. Stadium rules ere enforced like they have always been.”

Thompson added, “For years stadium policy has been no banners or signs allowed in the stadium. It doesn’t matter what is on the sign – they block other people’s view.”

One Internet report suggested officials acted inappropriately in removing state flags and signs that said, “Let The Band Play Dixie.”

Thompson said the large State of Mississippi flag was removed “under the same policy.”

A video of the large Mississippi flag displayed in the student section of the stadium quickly had received 21,000 views on’s Facebook page, “If You Love Oxford and Ole Miss.” as of this writing, that same video had over 2,000 views on @HottyToddyNews Instagram (see that video and a longer one from a different angle below).

A photograph of a stadium security walking with a state flag under arm has also been posted on the Facebook page “The Unsafe Space – Ole Miss.”

Photo Credit: Facebook Page - The Unsafe Space - Ole Miss
Photo Credit: Facebook Page – The Unsafe Space – Ole Miss

Athletic Director Ross Bjork said, “We have a stated policy. No banners allowed inside the stadium”, and provided this link to UM policy:

Screen Shot from Stadium Policy linked above.


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