Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Oxford’s Mounted Patrol Corrals Drunk

With Alabama in town for Saturday’s football game, the Oxford Police Department was prepared for larger crowds resulting in an increased number of incidents.

Major Jeff McCutchen tells HottyToddy.com that around 9:30pm Saturday evening the department received a public drunkenness call. Due to a majority of officers assigned to traffic detail, OPD resorted to using its mounted patrol to help deliver the person to jail.

Oxford PD

“They used mounted patrol to take him to the nearest intersection where officers were on duty,” said McCutchen. “They then turned him over to the patrol unit.”

The OPD reports 76 arrests were made over the weekend, 35 of those arrests were on public drunkenness charges.

by HottyToddy.com Editor-In-Chief Russ Jones. He may be reached at russ.jones@hottytoddy.com.

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