Thursday, December 2, 2021

Jay Hughes: First Education Committee Meeting

Presentation by MDE Superintendent Carey Wright. Best thing that has helped public schools in these lean times are literacy coaches. We need more, and could use math coaches. Nice to hear from someone in the committee room who is actually involved in education.

What was LEARNED: #1 Mississippi Public K-12 is improving. (So, why monkey with the fragile funding and screw up things?)
What was LEARNED: #2 MDE does have approximately 12 days of required testing in grades 3-8. Teachers in actual classrooms say they spend 20 days to prepare = 32 days.
What is MISSING? The ability for anyone other than the Speaker and Lt. Gov. to talk with the reps of EdBuild about what they are secretly doing with taxpayer money.
What is NEEDED? Hearing from actual teachers on the ground in this committee room about education.

Jay HughesOxford lawyer Jay Hughes serves the 12th District in the Mississippi House of Representatives. He can be contacted at
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