Saturday, September 23, 2023

Big Bad Business Series Set to Make Long-Term Impact In Oxford Community

Big Bad Business Series
Big Bad Business Series

This weekend, the Big Bad Business Series kickoffs with a full schedule that runs through September featuring professional development opportunities for anyone interested in several forms of business or entrepreneurship.

The Big Bad Business Series is the product of a collaboration between the Oxford-Lafayette County Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Foundation (EDF), Yoknapatapha Arts Council (YAC) and many others.
The goal of the series is to assist students, creative entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts to reach their business development goals. The program will provide participants with the opportunity to engage with business development experts and to learn about valuable local resources that can help them start or grow their businesses. 
“Each month will include a challenge meeting and an action session so that you can use the knowledge to advance your business idea to the next level,” said Meghan Gallagher, who is helping coordinate the program. “Most of the workshops and sessions are free, and we recognize that someone may not be able to make every session, but there are incentives for those attending more than one session.”
Participants who attend either the Breakout Session at the Powerhouse or the Kickoff Reception at the Gertrude Ford Center, both scheduled Saturday, Jan. 28, at 9 a.m., will receive free entry to the Discovery Luncheon and Innovate Mississippi weekend events scheduled in February. 
The Big Bad Business Series is set to have a huge impact on the community by providing coaching, access to local resources and feedback for new business ideas. Business series coordinators hope this will bring more locally owned businesses to Oxford, which will stimulate the economy. Additionally, the series will also benefit existing business owners by helping to strengthen businesses that have already become established in Oxford. 
To register for the Big Bad Business series, visit the YAC website.


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