Thursday, June 8, 2023

Former Central Fire Station On North Lamar Demolished Earlier Today

Earlier today, Fire Station No. 1 on North Lamar Blvd. was officially demolished. The former fire station had been vacant since 2014 when the new station on McElroy Drive was opened. 
The station was built in the 1970s, and director of Public Works, Bart Robinson, knew it was time for a new station for Oxford’s firefighters. 
“Space was a big thing. They were in a building that was outdated. The facility and the equipment were outdated. The space was just cramped,” Robinson said. “The new station was designed around our current needs. I couldn’t even tell you what all is operated out of it, but with that amount of people in that location just wouldn’t function properly.” 
Robinson noted that there are no official plans for the North Lamar property, but the city is currently exploring ideas of creating a downtown park of some kind. 
“We toyed with several ideas of reuse of their building… and the property from offices to storage to parks. Nothing has really stuck, but an idea for a downtown park of some kind, whether it’s a pocket park or just a downtown green space,” Robinson said. “There’s been no money allocated for anything but the demolition of the building at this time.”
The moving of the central station to McElroy Drive allowed the fire department to consolidate two stations into one. The station on Washington Avenue was closed as well, and Stations 1 and 2 became one station. Two other stations remain open, the Mall Drive and Highway 7 locations. 

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