Friday, February 3, 2023

Oxford Pet Of The Week: Meet Logan

If cats could climb Mount Everest, Logan would definitely try. The one-year-old cat loves to scamper up chairs, computers and filing cabinets. He enjoys getting attention in any form, from getting his belly petted to swiping at a writing pen someone dangles over his head.

“At first, he was a little shy, but now he is the king of the cat room,” said Jennifer Petermann, director of the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society.
Logan loves people and other animals. With his gray and white fur and big yellow eyes, Logan will pierce your heart.
He was found as a stray at the Greens Apartments, and he has been calling the humane society home for the past few months.
Logan would be perfect for a family or a student who has an apartment. He is well behaved, very careful to avoid knocking over things as he climbs around the room.
Who doesn’t want a cat to love and cuddle? Take a chance on Logan!

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