Friday, June 9, 2023

“Baybees” Give Back To Beloved Oxford Taxi Driver

Austin Blake is known to many in Oxford as the most caring taxi driver in town. When word got around that the man who has helped so many was in need of help himself, Ole Miss students came together to support him.

Read the full GoFundMe description below: 
Austin Blake, owner of Austin Taxi in Oxford, Mississippi is undergoing heart surgery next week. Austin has taken care of myself and the Ole Miss community for many years now. Riding with Austin isn’t just a ride to the Square or to the Grove. It is a ride full of laughter, joy, and in my experience, discussing the latest news we have heard about the Dallas Cowboys. It is time we all give back to someone so caring, generous, and loving to the Oxford community.
We love YOU Austin, and ain’t nothing you can do about it!!!
With Love from an Ole Miss Alum,
Your Ole Miss “Baybees”
It’s More Than Just A Taxi Ride
Help spread the word!” 
Austin Blake has been receiving even more support from his “baybees” across social media:

Click here to support Austin Blake’s GoFund me page.

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