Friday, June 2, 2023

Class In The Grove, Good Karma For Showing Up On A Nice Spring Day

It’s a bright sunny day, and you’re debating on whether you should even go to class because it’s so nice outside. The sun is shining, and you’d rather be catching some rays than sitting under fluorescent lights in a classroom.
You go through all the usual stages of wanting to skip class like, “well I’ve already missed a few days this semester” or “what if we have a pop quiz?” or my personal favorite, “what if we randomly get extra credit just for showing up today and I miss it?” So you get off your couch, or wherever you reside and you head over to campus. Parking, as usual, is a nightmare, and you’re questioning your decision of being a good student again. 
You show up, sit in your seat and hope that you can make it through class without putting any real thought into it. People trickle in, one by one, and you realize they all look as miserable as you to be in class on such a nice day. Your teacher comes in and gets a feel for the mood of the room. He or she makes a decision, the best possible announcement, other than dismissing class all together. 
“Today, sure is a nice day. We’re having class outside.”
Once you hear that, you realize you made the right call. Ever since we were kids, class outside has been a joyous occasion and being on the Ole Miss campus makes it even better. No teacher is going to mentally train students when class is outside, and it’s usually a one-way ticket to an easy class session. Outside class doesn’t usually happen more than once, so you made a good choice to get up and go to class today.

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