Friday, June 9, 2023

Mississippi Senate Honors Oxford Mayor Patterson Recognized Public Service

Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 669 has been passed by both chambers of the Mississippi Capitol honoring the public service of Oxford Mayor Pat Patterson. Patterson has served two terms as mayor, and before that served two terms as an alderman for the city. In July, he will turn the reigns over to Robyn Tannehill after announcing that he would not seek re-election. 
During his time as Oxford’s mayor, the city has gone through a tremendous amount of growth and is widely recognized as one of the best cities across the South. While many will remember Patterson as the mayor, he got his start in the 1980s working for the tourism council, chamber of commerce and EDF boards. 
The resolution reads, “We commend him for his service and extend appreciation for the difference he has made by guiding Oxford through unprecedented growth; and whereas, Mayor Pat Patterson is a native of Oxford. His family (the Kimmons) go back six generations. He graduated from Oxford High School and then Ole Miss. He has been in business in Oxford for many years. He is a faithful member of Christ Presbyterian Church in Oxford.”
Oxford Rep. Gray Tollison authored the resolution, and it was supported by Rep. Jay Hughes, despite a sometimes strained relationship, according to Hughes. 
“I am proud to announce that today, both chambers of the Capitol have unanimously passed the attached resolution honoring the service of Mayor Pat Patterson. It was originally sponsored by Sen. Gray Tollison, and I proudly join him in recognizing the public service of Mayor Patterson over his life and career in Oxford. Pat and I certainly had our testing moments, but something good always prevailed. His heart is pure and appreciated.”
Hughes noted that a formal resolution will be printed and presented at a later date.
The resolution can be read in full, here

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