Saturday, October 24, 2020

Mississippi Made: Oxford's Square Pizza Explained

It’s been a part of the Oxford pizza scene for years, but the folks at Square Pizza recently let us go behind the scenes so we could see how this late-night staple is made.
Drew Daigle, a two-year employee of the store, was there to show us the process. He says that the shop’s main dish emulates a style of pizza popular in Ohio, where owner Tate Moore grew up.
In addition to the shape, Square Pizza pies differ considerably from other more familiar styles, as they are double-baked to make them crunchy and covered with provolone rather than mozzarella cheese.
There is a wide array of toppings for customers to choose from, but go there early if you want something other than plain cheese or classic pepperoni. After around 10 p.m, that is all that the shop dishes out to the masses of customers who come there from the nearby bars.
Around half past midnight on any given Friday, the small store is inundated with hungry college students, with a line frequently extending out into the street.
During the daytime, in addition to their famous pizza, the shop also serves up pepperoni rolls, made with another regional recipe that Moore brought down from Ohio, and New Orleans style po-boy sandwiches.
Square Pizza is located at 1101 Van Buren Avenue, right across the street from the Lyric Theatre. The store is closed on Sundays.

Story by Huntington Maddrey and John West.