Friday, May 14, 2021

The Wells Project At Ole Miss Seeks Support

Ole Miss student Chance Carden recently introduced a new, student-based organization to Ole Miss, known as The Wells Project. The national project funds the building of water wells in Rwanda, Africa, where several people are left without access to clean water. 
Each November, The Wells Project hosts a 10-day event in which participants drink only water and donate the money that otherwise would have been spent on coffee, soda, alcohol, etc., toward building wells.
Passionate about the ever-growing movement, Carden saw the potential of Ole Miss students taking action in the Wells Project. However, Carden can’t do it alone and has reached out to Ole Miss fans, students and alumni for their support in making Ole Miss an aid in The Wells Project. 
“We are facing difficulty starting out and would love to join with local businesses or individuals through donations, sponsorships or partnerships to help us get on our feet,” Carden said.
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