Monday, December 6, 2021

FNC Park Goes Green With Recycling

FNC Park is a greener and cleaner place this spring thanks to the ongoing relationship between the City of Oxford and the staff that works at the sports facility.
A total of 33 recycling bins were placed in all the softball and baseball dugouts at FNC, just in time for the Oxford Park Commission seasons which started April 10. There were also some bins placed around various soccer fields. Michelle Robinson, the city’s recycling coordinator, got together with Clay Brownlee, FNC’s assistant director, in order to accomplish the endeavor.
“The people of Oxford have been asking for more recycling receptacles at the ballfields, and it makes perfect sense,” Robinson said. “All those water and sports drink bottles can now be easily recycled rather than taking up space in the landfill. We’re lucky to have such a strong recycling program — especially for a town our size. Plastic bottles can go to make so many different products instead of going into the landfill, such as clothes, bags, patios and so on. I hope that everyone will think twice before throwing their cans and bottles in the trash at the ballfields.”
The bins to place bottles in are blue in color and they can be accessed by the participants, as well as the spectators during the nightly games.
“We are delighted to be able to provide an outlet for the patrons who visit our park to be able to recycle the bottled drinks they purchase from our concession stands,” Brownlee said. “Michelle has been tremendous in this partnership to place the blue recycling bins throughout the park and providing us a container on site that her team empties for us. Our patrons have begun to use them more and more as we are finding the most high-traffic areas to place them, so that they are visible and in an easy place to get to.”
If Robinson’s department had to purchase the bins, they would have cost $369, so the relationship with FNC proved to be a great cost savings.

Courtesy of John Davis and the Oxford Park Commission
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