Thursday, June 8, 2023

Mississippi Made: Oxford Taco Truck on a Roll

Yoknapa Taco, founded by Oxford local Jake Sessums in 2015, is known for its fresh ingredients and bright green food truck seen rolling around Oxford’s late-night bar scene.
“It initially began as a late-night food service. We saw a big hole in the market for post-bar and the after 10 o’clock food service crowd,” said Sessums.
Yoknapa Taco currently frequents several locations throughout the Oxford community, such as FNC Inc., University Avenue, and Jones at Home on the Square.
Sessums said he thinks that what makes this food truck special is it’s local roots in Oxford’s culture. Originally being from Mississippi, Sessums wanted to come back to Oxford and start a business because he grew up loving the community and wanted to create something by a local for locals.
Kevin Hendricks, a developer at FNC, Inc., is a weekly customer at Yoknapa Taco and enjoys the menu and convenience of the truck.
“You know, it just improves the entire foodie culture of the area,” Hendricks said.
Since it’s beginnings in 2015, Yoknapa Taco now visits four locations throughout the week, as well as serving at other private events and functions in the area.
Yoknapa Taco continues to grow through the hands of Sessums, yet their local origin is what makes it a Mississippi-made business.

Mississippi Made: YoknapaTaco from Georgia Clarke on Vimeo.

Story by Taylor Lewis and Georgia Clarke.