Saturday, September 23, 2023

What It Takes To Set Up Over 15,000 Chairs In The Grove

Ole Miss Facilities Management set up over 15,000 chairs in the Grove yesterday in preparation for 2017’s Ole Miss Commencement. 
Even with the help of nearly 100 staff members, setting up chairs in the Grove takes nearly a full work day, as the crew spent seven hours only placing the chairs.
Today, the cleaning crew is busy dusting off of the chairs, a task that takes a full day to complete under good circumstances. But with a 15,000-chair setup, some crew members say the cleaning process just may carry over to Friday. 

While it’s expected to rain in Oxford Friday, supervisor Felisa Redmond said the Commencement Day setup crews have no time to slow the pace.
“If it starts to rain, we’ll just have to put on rain coats and boots and keep going,” Redmond said. “It has to be done, no matter what.”

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