Friday, June 9, 2023

Flying Tuk Fears Closure If Suspension Isn't Reduced

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At tonight’s Board of Aldermen meeting, Flying Tuk will attempt to appeal their 30-day suspension. According to a document on the BOA’s agenda, the taxi service allowed a “yet-to-be-approved driver” to operate one of their cabs.
“We knew this wasn’t right and should never have let it happen. We let the extenuating circumstances cloud our judgment, and we assure you we have learned from our mistake.” 
The business has been operational since 2016, and owners Danny Klimetz and Ferriday Mansel McClatchy are looking for a second chance as they are still learning to manage a business. 
“This is our first year of business and we have learned so much and still have a lot to learn. The business has been a lot more challenging than any of us ever thought, epically in the field of hiring and maintaining quality employees.”
The company is appealing to the city to reduce the suspension from 30 to 7 days because of the damage that the lengthy suspension could have on their business. 
“30 days will considerably jeopardize our business and more than likely put us on path to closing our doors. We barely make enough the cover our expenses as it is and a month without nay fares will hurt not only the business but we would likely lose most of our drivers.”
Tonight’s Board of Aldermen meeting will take place at 5 p.m. will update this story as more information becomes available.
For Flying Tuk’s full letter to the BOA, click here

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