Monday, June 14, 2021

Clip, Snip And Curl – More Than Your Average Barber Shop

Stylist and Owner Kathy Dunn

With a name like Clip, Snip & Curl you might think it’s a women’s beauty shop.
So why is a rotating old-fashioned barber’s pole at the entrance to Clip, Snip & Curl on Main Street in Water Valley, Mississippi?
Maybe it is because Clip, Snip & Curl has more male than female customers.
“Men come in Monday through Thursday and women come on Friday,” says owner and stylist Kathy Dunn.
Kathy has operated a “beauty shop” in Water Valley for 28 years.
“This is my third business in Water Valley, “ she explains, and all three have been beauty shows.  She has been located at the current Main Street location for 13 years.  Clip, Snip & Curl and the business has not one, but two barber poles.
One pole is by the front door and the other pole, which has been in operation 60 years, is in the front window of Clip, Snip & Curl.  The older barber pole came from Kathy’s purchase of another business.
box containing hair cutting tools used by Kathy’s grandfather.

Kathy comes from a family beauticians and barbers, including several cousins and her grandfather.
“My Grandfather used to cut hair every Saturday night on the front porch of his home located near Drew and Glenn Allen, Mississippi. If somebody did not hold a barn dance on Saturday night, he would. The barn dance and front porch barber shop were where local news and gossip was shared, “ Kathy says.

Clip, Snip and Curl has two stylists, Kathy and Callie Odom and the shop does a brisk business manicures and pedicures for both men and women, and there is a tanning bed.  A large, leather, recliner-like chair with a hot top stands in the back of the shop. “It will massage you while you get a pedicure,” said Callie who handles the manicures and pedicures.
Men as pedicure customers may seem a bit odd, but Kathy says “if a man has not had a pedicure, come to the shop for a pedicure, and he will love it.”
So you want a hot shave?  
Men also can also get a good shave at Clip, Snip and Curl.

By Jim Roberts, a contributor. 
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