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Traditions by U Club Townhomes: New Students Experience Game Day at Ole Miss

Traditions-header-studentsThe first weekend of September brought with it cooler temperatures, football games, and a flood of new students to the Grove and the student section at Vaught Hemmingway Stadium. Many of these students, including freshmen, transfer students, and even graduate students, were experiencing game day at Ole Miss for the first time. 
With all of the popularity and coverage that tailgating at Ole Miss has gotten over the years, it is easy for outsiders to believe that it is more hype than substance. To prove that game day at Ole Miss is as magical as everyone claims, we asked a few new students to describe their first game day experience.  
Some of the students were in awe of the beauty that surrounded them in the Grove, some were excited by the community they discovered among other Rebel fans, but all of them discovered a place and a family that they will return to for many years to come. 
“I feel like if I was to look up tailgating in the dictionary, they would have a picture of the Grove,” said Daniel, a freshman from Tennessee. “Although the Grove contains unending beauty just on a regular school day, the tailgating tents add something extra that cannot be found anywhere else. At my first tailgating experience I learned that the Grove reflects unity among the student body and fans from all over, thus making this a place where we don’t just go to school, but a place we can also call home.

Austin and Haley tailgating in the Grove

“The Grove was everything and more than I had imagined,” said Austin, a junior transfer student from Picayune, MS. “There is so much diversity and culture all happening at once. It’s a place where everyone comes together to support one team, one family. We are Ole Miss and I am proud to be a part of the Ole Miss family.”

“The atmosphere you experience in the Grove and the stadium is hard to describe,” said Haley, a junior transfer student from Hattiesburg, MS. “The Grove is a magical place that is filled with lively people who welcome you to join in on their fun. The stadium is packed full of students, parents, alumni, and fans that are there to support and cheer for every second of the game. It’s like no matter where you are from, we are all one big family just celebrating the game together.” 

“The Grove on game day is absolutely perfect,” said Jessica, a graduate student from Arkansas. “It’s amazing meeting new friends and the energy of the crowd during the game was like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. My first game day as a student is definitely something I will never forget.”

Though each of these new students had a unique experience for their first game day, all of them were overwhelmed by the beauty, openness, and family they discovered at Ole Miss. On this day, every new student became part of the Rebelnation family. 

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