Friday, December 2, 2022

Video: Should "Hate Speech" Be Regulated? Ole Miss Students Chime In

The popular site Business Insider polled colleges all over the country and found that more than 65 percent of students think “hate speech” should be regulated. Bernard Blissett of Ole Miss Newswatch talked with Assistant Professor R.J. Morgan at the Meek School of Journalism and New Media about what this would mean for Americans.
“Well, the First Amendment is a blanket protection on free speech and the freedom of the press,” Morgan said. “The problem that you run into with taking out ‘hate speech’ is, who gets to decide what hate speech is? So anytime we start talking about restrictions, you really get into dicey situations about what those restrictions are going to look like, who they are going to affect, and who gets to decide what is affected.”
“If steps are taken to regulate ‘hate speech,’ then … everyone is silenced,” Senior Corel Hoyle said.
“I think it should be regulated,” Sophomore Stephanie Penn said. “I think we are all the same. We should all treat each other the same, and it’s a serious problem right now in America.”
Blissett has the full story here:

Bernard Blissett is a journalism major at Ole Miss.