Monday, January 24, 2022

DUI, Disturbing the Peace and More in Today's Crime Report

Crime ReportOxford police responded to the following calls: 911 hang up, 12 alarms, six ambulance assist, animal complaint, auto-larceny, four careless driving, civil matter, code enforcement, 16 disturbing the peace, fire department assist, harassing phone call, six improper parking, K9 search, malicious mischief, four motorist assist, other agency assist, recovered property, shoplifting, nine suspicious activity, five suspicious persons, five suspicious vehicles, two trespassing, 12 welfare concerns.
Oxford police investigated  19 accident, 38 tickets and made the following arrests:
Domestic Violence-Simple Assault, Fake ID
DUI 1st
DUI 1st, Careless Driving
DUI 1st, Improper Passing
DUI 1st, No Driver’s License
DUI 1st, Resisting Arrest, No headlights, No Driver’s License
DUI 2nd, Careless Driving, Suspended Driver’s License, No Insurance
DUI 2nd, Suspended Driver’s License- Implied Consent
Petit Larceny
Possession of a weapon by a felon
Possession of schedule 1 drug, possession of paraphernalia, no insurance, no headlights.
Possession of paraphernalia
public drunk
public drunk, Fake ID
Lafayette Sheriff’s Department responded to the following incidents: Two accidents, six alarms, three animal complaints, seven disturbances, two grand larceny, two petit larceny, two harassment, juvenile complaint, 14 service calls, 11 suspicious activity / persons, four welfare concerns, five transports, information, two follow up, two traffic complaints, fraud, reckless driving, three civil matters, ID theft.
Lafayette Sheriff’s Department made two arrests
Warrant for harassing phone calls (4 counts)
Oxford Fire Department:
2/9   – 07:56 – New Baptist Hospital – call canceled
2/10 – 07:56 – Taco Ball – carbon monoxide detector activation – gas leak causing high levels of co2 
2/10 – 10:24 – Newk’s – call canceled
2/10 – 15:06 – Old Baptist Hospital Parking Garage – general smoke detector malfunction
2/11 – 00:30 – Old Venice Pizza – a “Gunsmoke Cocktail” activated a smoke detector
2/11 – 01:33 – Beta Theta Pi house Room 14 – smoke detector malfunction
2/11 – 05:26 – The Village Bldg. 134 – heat detector activation due to water in the detector
2/11 – 05:58 – The Uncommons – a water flow alarm malfunction
2/11 – 11:24 – 710 Park Drive – medical assist call – EMS already on scene before FD arrived
2/11 – 15:25 – Oxford University Airport – airplane ran off the runway into the grass – they just needed to be pulled back onto runway
University Police Department responded to the following incidents:
Computer hacking, vehicle stop, accident motor vehicle, information, grand larceny, three petit larceny, malicious mischief, suspicious vehicle, accident hit n run.

All lists and reports on Oxford Crime Report were provided by law personnel to as part of the public record. All persons depicted are innocent until convicted by a court of law.
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