Friday, December 3, 2021

John Cofield's Oxford and Ole Miss: A Mighty Fine Oxford

Grandfather Cofield’s copy of “My Brother Bill” with Mrs. Dolly Faulkner’s note to him, dated Sept. 5, 1963. As seen on the book cover, Granddad wrote all over everything, adding his comments, opinions and even corrections to Oxford history, as he remembered it. Always in a heavy hand and often in red ink.

If you’ve never read this book then you’ve missed a wealth of knowledge about an Oxford gone by. It begins when John Faulkner gets a middle-of-the-night phone call about his brother Bill and the immediate events the town witnessed. Then John takes you on a trio’s journey through their childhood years. It’s mighty fine Oxford, Mississippi.

John Cofield is a writer and one of Oxford’s leading folk historians. He is the son of renowned university photographer, Jack Cofield. His grandfather, J.R. “Colonel” Cofield, was William Faulkner’s personal photographer and for decades was the Ole Miss yearbook photographer. Cofield attended Ole Miss as well.
Check out Cofield’s new book: Oxford, Mississippi ~ The Cofield Collection — a pictorial history book with John’s writing on the history to go along with the photos.
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