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Ole Miss Concert Singers to Perform at Historic Carnegie Hall

The Ole Miss Concert Singers will travel to New York City to perform at the historic Carnegie Hall on Friday, April 6. In June of 2017, the vocal group of 58 members received an invitation from the Distinguished Concerts International New York, a company that provides performance opportunities to groups across America.
The Concert Singers will be performing two shows during their trip to the Big Apple. The first show will be held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral as a part of the concert series. Then at 8 p.m. on Sunday, April 8, the group will be performing a 35-minute solo show at Carnegie Hall.

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Director Don Trott said the group has been preparing for over eight months and has performed their program twice this year in preparation for the Carnegie Hall show.
“We have created a great program to perform on stage,” Trott said. “This [trip] gives the students something to look forward to and something that many of them will never get the opportunity to do again. We have a great choir and for choral singers, this venue is the experience.”
Trott said performing in Carnegie Hall is a great honor for every Concert Singer. 
“As the conductor and director, one of my huge goals is to provide unique opportunities for singers to get to perform in historic venues and churches,” Trott said. “One, because of the history of those places; but two, the acoustical excitement and experience in those venues is huge. My goal is that every person in the Concert Singers will have the opportunity to take a trip to perform with us at least once in their four years at Ole Miss.”
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In addition to performing at Carnegie Hall and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the group plans on sightseeing and attending two Broadway musicals.
“A third of the group has never been to New York before, so I am excited for them to get this cultural experience, as well as the singing experience that the city offers,” Trott said.
A familiar face will also be in attendance to watch the Concert Singers perform at Carnegie Hall. Chancellor Jeffrey Vitter and his wife, Sharon, are joining the students in New York City to watch and support the group.

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