Sunday, January 24, 2021

Jeweler Shows LOU Community Diamonds are a Rebel’s Best Friend

Jordan Hoecherl intern

Deeply rooted in the traditions of Oxford and the University of Mississippi, small business owner, Rosemary Couch has focused on customer service, custom jewelry and the Ole Miss Rebels at her store, Steven Rose Jewelers.

Rosemary Couch is the owner of Steven Rose Jewelers. Photos courtesy of Steven Rose Jewelers.

Claiming to be a Rebel fan since birth, Couch has been very involved in the Ole Miss community and the town of Oxford.

“(As a small business owner) it helps to have connections in Oxford because word-of-mouth is such an important aspect in the high-end jewelry world,” Couch said.

Custom jewelry is only one of the many services offered at Steven Rose Jewelers. Couch knew upon opening the store that having an on-site jeweler was going to differentiate her business from the others in Oxford.

Custom wedding bands made at Steven Rose Jewelers

Her passion for providing customers with the perfect gift for the most cost-friendly price was exemplified in early October when Couch and an employee put their minds to work on developing “his and hers” wedding bands for a couple. The efforts included hand-selecting four different rings, sizing, hand engraving each ring and soldering together the final product.

“The couple came into the store and we sat with them for close to an hour trying on all different shapes, colors, settings, etcetera,” she said. “We found his ring from a company called Thorsten (jewelry distributor and designer) but they did not offer a matching woman’s band so we started pulling everything out of the cases to find something that may work.”

The final product for the bride-to-be was a yellow-gold, diamond channel wedding band in which Couch ordered two, two-millimeter black, titanium bands (one for either side of the yellow gold ring), to then be added together into one ring and engraved on the inside.
In addition to the masterful custom jewelry services, Couch will go out of her way to cater to clientele by going to his or her work if they are too busy to come into the store that day but need a last-minute gift.

“I never mind bringing jewelry out of the store if someone can’t make it in,” Couch said. “I try to do everything I can to get the perfect gift to them even if it means staying after hours … A lot of time I’ll be closing the store and reopen right away because someone needs a new watch battery. I don’t mind ever.”

Polishing jewelry is one of the many services offered at Steven Rose Jewelers

Because Couch can either be seen in the store behind a calculator trying to find the best deal for the customer or staying after hours for a customer who was trying to get some last-minute shopping in, it’s no surprise that she is always keeping up with gold and diamond market prices so that “overcharged” is never a word spoken at Steven Rose Jewelers.

By understanding the jewelry industry and the needs of her clients, Couch has been able to help bring families together, repair sentimental jewelry, and dazzle the local community in diamonds.

She donates the door prize to the Oxford-Lafayette County Chamber of Commerce Christmas raffle fundraiser as well as donates to the University of Mississippi. By giving back to the community and Ole Miss, Couch said she is able to bring joy through jewelry on a daily basis.

Steven Rose Jewelers is located at 2311 West. Jackson Ave. Suite 306B in Oxford.