Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Local Author Draws from Life Experiences to Pen New Novel

By Price Waltman intern

Katie Anderson, a local author and storyteller, regularly contributes to Parade magazine and the Huffington Post, but her passion lies in writing books.

The Anderson Family—Katie, Lindsey, Meg and Kate. Photo courtesy of Katie Anderson.

Anderson grew up in Virginia but said she has called various places home. As a wife, mother of two, and published author, Anderson uses her creative mindset in all aspects of life. After she got married she moved to Tupelo with her new husband, Lindsey, for his job in the fabric industry. A few years passed and a two children later, Anderson found herself in Los Angeles, California – specifically in the famed Orange County. It was there she discovered the idea for her book, but waited until she was closer to home to execute the idea. 

Once back in Oxford, Anderson and one of her close friends decided that they had enough stories under their belt to create a successful movie script. The movie would be based off of her neighbors and friends, in Oxford. 

“I looked down on my friend’s coffee table and saw this binder covered in paintings and words,” she said. “I asked what it was and she told me it was a children’s book. I said well why are we writing a movie script? This looks so much easier!”

As a result, the two researched and decided from that moment on that they would write children’s books. Over time Anderson retired from writing children’s books and eventually found herself with the idea for a young adult novel. Thus, Anderson’s book, “Kiss & Make Up” was born. The teen-targeted novel is about lip gloss addict Emerson Taylor who can read the mind of anyone she kisses. A five-star rating on Amazon, “Kiss and Make-Up” encompasses the struggles of high school. The flirty fiction helped Anderson realize her love for writing books.

Kate and Katie Anderson. Photo courtesy of Katie Anderson.

“It was a hobby and passion that I never got bored of,” Anderson said.

Currently, Anderson is working on a book for adults. Although the theme remains under wraps, she ensures that the plot is thick and intriguing.

Aside from writing, Anderson is a passionate cook. One can easily get caught up watching her famed Instagram stories on @mississippi_katie. Whether its fried rice or chocolate chip cookies, she said she thoroughly enjoys cooking. Anderson’s daughter’s friends often fight to be chosen as the taste testers of one of her newest concoctions. Anderson’s daughter, Kate, can attest to the delicious meals prepared by her mother.

“We usually prefer to eat at home because Mom’s cooking rivals some of the best restaurants in town,” Anderson said.

From Orange County to Oxford, Anderson has had the opportunity to experience life coast to coast. Anderson said although she’s gotten to travel many places, she is thankful to get to call the quaint little town of Oxford home. The friendly faces and supportive neighbors are what she favors in particular.

“I remember when we first moved here, I was caught off guard with the friendliness of my neighbors. Overtime I have realized that my other friends that live elsewhere do not feel as connected with their community as I do here. It is supportive, tight knit, and just sweet,” Anderson said.