Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Trumps SNL Twitter Reaction

After Saturday Night Live re-aired an episode mocking President Trump, our President suggested that SNL and other late night shows should undergo a federal investigation. He also implied that the show was colluding with Russia and airing fake news. Twitter users had a field day responding to the Presidents reaction.

Tweeters thought comparing the sketch comedy show to news was inconceivable.

Many users on twitter responded with the first amendment and thought trump was wasting time on such a trivial matter.

His unconstitutional suggestions struck some with fear.

Other tweets exhibited his resemblance to an authoritarian. 

Twitter users could not even describe the insanity of the suggestion. 

The Absurd suspicion was derailed with a tweet insinuating Russia would have done a better job if they were involved. 

Many pointed out the controversy in Trump’s tweets. 

Other tweets pointed out the irony.

Twitter responses included name calling and many comparisons of  Trump to a baby. 

His reaction to a sketch made some perceive him as overly sensitive and weak.

Since the President is in the public eye, he should expect to be mocked. 

Former SNL comedians even tweeted back to Trump. 

Many tweeters found his reaction funny because his actions help them write the show. 

Since the episode was a rerun, Trump had already tweeted similar notions against SNL. 

His reactions created more commotion than the episode itself. 

Twitter responder felt many different things, but it seems many were displeased with the President’s reaction to the episode.