Wednesday, November 30, 2022

City: Red Parking Meter Stickers Are Down

By Alyssa Schnugg
News Editor

Oxford Mayor Robyn Tannehill and the Oxford Police Department told residents Saturday to ignore the red stickers recently placed on parking meters that warn against parking in spots where the meter is not working or face a fine.

The stickers were placed on the meters about a month ago and several tickets have been issued to people parking in spots where the meter is not working. Early Monday morning, the stickers were removed.

On Friday, Downtown Parking Commission member Kevin Frye questioned who decided to put the stickers on the meters. He was told it was a decision of the Parking Department.

Matt Davis, who heads the Parking Department, was not at the meeting Friday so the Commission tabled the discussion until its June board meeting.

Later Friday morning, Davis told in a phone interview that the stickers were put on the meters to inform the public how to report a broken meter. However, those who remained in the spot would be issued a $26 ticket.

On Saturday, Tannehill posted on her Twitter that placing the stickers on the meters was not voted on or recommended by the mayor or Board of Aldermen.

“You will NOT receive a citation for parking in a metered spot that is broken,” she said on Twitter.

Tannehill followed up her Tweet with a lighthearted comment:

Screenshot from Twitter.

In response, the Oxford Police Department put a message on its Facebook page echoing Tannehill’s comments.

“You will not receive a citation for parking in a meter that is not functioning properly. We will be replacing the stickers and providing clear directions on reporting meter maintenance,” the post read.