Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Young Entrepreneur’s Lawn Business Taught Him to be Honest, Trustworthy, Responsible

By Courtney Zeidner
Hottytoddy.com intern

Michael Aulds, from Archer City, Texas, is a sophomore finance major at Ole Miss who is making a visible difference in the Oxford community one lawn at a time. The young entrepreneur started mowing lawns when he was 7-years-old and began his own business, Dirty Mike and the Boys, when he was 12.

Dirty Mike and the Boys pose for a calendar photoshoot Wednesday, July 25. Photo by Lane Collins.

“My daddy told me I had to buy my own pickup at a very young age, so I figured if I want
something nice I ought to start working,” Aulds said.

Aulds is the definition of the American Dream. He learned what it meant to work hard for the important things in life, and always work until the job gets done.

“My business has taught me to be honest, trustworthy, responsible, and how to work hard,” Aulds said.

Aulds has four employees that he hired to do lawn-care and firewood jobs, and he works side-by-side with them every day during the summer. When Aulds is in Texas he works with his four employees, but when he is in Oxford he works on his own. Aulds is proud that his business is “just a few young college kids who are young, willing, and able,” he said.

“I do not hire anyone unless they are willing to work very hard. What I look for in an employee is someone who does the job to the best of their ability,” Aulds said.

Aulds rattlesnake hunting Saturday, March 31. Photo by Courtney Zeidner.

Through all of the lawn-care, mowing, cutting down trees and trimming hedges, Dirty Mike and the Boys feel like they are benefiting the community in a special way. Aulds said they are outgoing and caring men, which often shows on the job.

“We don’t just mow yards, we do stuff for other people. For example, Michael’s grandmother can’t get down on her knees and do yard work in the heat, so we have gone out there and cleaned her flower beds. We have done that for many other older people,” said Kyler Koetter, Aulds’ employee.

Ever since Aulds was young he has had a passion for the outdoors, helping others, and making money. He has always been a natural born leader, which his employees can see through his actions as a young boss.

“Michael is a good boss because he always offers work and always tries to get us out there and gets us working. He always pays us on time as soon as we are done with the job. He also gets us cash money in hand every time,” Koetter said.

Aulds is proud of the things he has accomplished at such a young age, and only sees improvement in the future, he said.

“I want people to know and remember me as a person who is honest, giving, and hardworking,” he said.

If you are in need of lawn care service, Aulds encourages Oxford and Lafayette County residents to call him at (940) 781-1537.

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