Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Gallery: OHS Seniors Return to School with Breakfast Celebration

By Talbert Toole
Lifestyles Editor

As many Mississippi students returned to the stomping grounds of their respected schools Tuesday, Oxford High School’s seniors rejoined their fellow classmates on campus yesterday to receive a warm, welcoming return.

Parents of the 2020 graduating class joined forces to celebrate the students finishing their last year with a breakfast celebration.

Elizabeth Gourlay Heiskell, a local chef and author, provided a donut breakfast bar for the students. Many other parents provided many other breakfast options for the senior class to enjoy.

In years past, many seniors enjoyed their first day back to school at other venues; however, this year many parents joined the movement to bring breakfast to the school where all students could celebrate their last year.

Newly-hired principal, Noah Hamilton, also joined the celebration welcoming the 2020 class back to the OHS campus where he enjoyed one of Oxford’s staples—Oxsicles.

Prior to the first day of school, Hamilton spoke to the football team for the first time two weeks ago. He spoke to them regarding his tenure as a basketball coach and said how each player has their role on a team and within the school system itself.

“That’s what I need you guys to do for me at the high school – find your role and fill it,” Hamilton said. “Your role is to be leaders.”