Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Sugar Magnolia Mixes Antiques, Modern Items to Match Any Decorator’s Dreams

By Olivia Nash and Kaylee Sims
Hottytoddy.com interns
ojnash@go.olemiss.edu; kesims2@go.olemiss.edu

Sugar Magnolia, an antique mall in Oxford with much love for the Ole Miss Rebels and unique home goods, is a one-stop-shop for seasonal decorating needs. 

Molly Harwell, co-owner of Sugar Magnolia, said her grandmother sparked her interest as a child by selling antique items out of her home. Now, Harwell and her two sisters carry on their grandmother’s legacy.

“It is a family business,” Harwell said. “My grandmother sold antiques out of her home, so we grew up around fine antiques.”

Sugar Magnolia offers a variety of home goods for any southern shopper. Photo via Facebook.

The Sugar Magnolia family has been Ole Miss fans for decades. Harwell and her sisters were born and raised in Oxford, and they said they love Oxford and supporting Ole Miss through good times and bad.

Due to each season of football bringing something different, the sisters have weathered many storms together as storeowners for the past 13 years. Harwell says that fall business traffic is heavily affected by the success of the Ole Miss football program. 

Before the arrival of every football season, Sugar Magnolia vendors bring in loads of items to make decorating tailgates a breeze.

“You come in here, walk the aisles and can find something to wear, eat, drink and decorate for the tailgate,” Harwell said.

According to Harwell, the store has something for everyone.

“If you’re crafty or need something to wear to the game, we communicate to everybody. We don’t cater to one specific group of people,” she said.

“I love Sugar Magnolia because I never know what I’ll find there,” Betsy McConnell, a resident of Oxford, said. “It’s like a fun surprise every time.”

Sugar Magnolia’s 60 vendors are ready with unique items well in advance for each season. Harwell mentioned that a rule of retail is to prepare about a month or two in advance with seasonal items. For example, they host a Christmas Open House every year at the beginning of November.

Sugar Magnolia has items for purchase that customers cannot find just anywhere, including their best seller – a pink and gold colonel reb painting. While they do have specialty items that are handmade by vendors for each season, they are first and foremost an antique mall. Harwell brags about the fact that she has so many vintage items in-store to offer customers. For example, the store has bricks from the 1800s that have “Oxford” on them.

“It’s a piece of history,” Harwell said.