Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Frutta Bowl GM Urges Community to Keep Each Other Safe

By Artez Gibson


Frutta Bowl is known for its relaxed environment and convenient way grab a healthy snack in Oxford, but due to Covid-19 that environment has changed completely. Frutta Bowl General Manager, Ebone Hubbard continues to work her job, despite being at high-risk with her asthma.

Like other restaurants, the superfood cafe is now practicing the method of curbside pick-up, and Hubbard wants the community to take the correct safety measures before coming to pick up their food.

“My biggest concern is the safety of myself and my other employees that may come in. I run a risk every time a person comes to pick up an order. I’m kind of scared that everyone may not have that same concern that I have.”

Hubbard has put her trust in the community to keep each other safe. She feels that this outbreak has encouraged more people to make healthier choices.

“You start to see a spike with people trying to eat healthier and put better things in their body to boost their immune system to combat daily allergies,” said Hubbard.

She thinks that we can learn some health tips from these trying times. Hubbard takes measures in keeping her customers safe such as deep cleaning the cafe.

“I’m hoping this situation will teach us that the more you listen to your body, the better you can prevent spreads like this from happening. People are now realizing how many things they are touching in a day,” she said.

Her bravery connects with her faith that the Oxford community will continue to social distance and sanitize.

“Our community always puts their best foot forward and thinks of others. It’s always nice to be reminded that Oxford takes care of Oxford no matter what.”