Tuesday, June 22, 2021

VIDEO: Students Express Themselves Through Quarantine Vlogs

By Michael Fagans
Assistant Professor of Multimedia Journalism

As a first assignment ‘back’ to (online) class, I asked the students in my Journalism Innovation course to record and submit a vlog.

I was looking to see what kind of equipment they had at home, a way to check-in and physically see them, an opportunity for them to express themselves, and a chance to stretch their creative legs a bit after two weeks of Spring Break (we added an extra week to move courses online). The class is a mixture of senior broadcast, print and visual track students so the task was easy for some students and harder for others. The best worked in sequences and storytelling elements. I am pleased to report that the entire class is already raising their level of work on their second weekly blog/vlog. The best part of this for me was the sense of humor, the comedic timing and reflection that was sprinkled throughout their work.