Thursday, June 24, 2021

OXCM Takes Extra Safety Precautions for Vendors, Shoppers

By Katelyn McKinney intern

The Oxford Community Market is taking extra precautions this season to continue to provide for the Oxford community during this time of scarcity.

Starting this year, the Market is open year-round. There will be no shortage of food, due to farmers already having their crops planted and ready. Strawberry season just got here, and the Market is expecting more greens such as lettuce and turnips to show up in the next few weeks.

The Market started in early March preparing to adapt to the changes they needed to remain operational. This started by training the vendors on the rules and procedures. The Market has spread the vendors out with 6-10 feet between each. The Market is encouraging customers to come in quickly and shop.

“We want customers to feel as safe as they can when shopping at the market from farmers,” said Market director Betsy Chapman. “A benefit is we are outdoors in an open-air environment. Most of our vendors are set up for cashless payment, and we added online ordering with curbside pickup to minimize every risk that is within our control.”

All produce and goods represented at the Market are grown and produced in North Mississippi. Customers will find items like leafy greens, salads, strawberries, root veggies, broccoli, and peas soon. As summer approaches, the Market will have a variety of crops, such as tomatoes, peppers, squash, green beans, and butter beans. Fall brings items like carrots and leafy greens.

“The national farmers market has shared our safety protocols to other farmers across the market to follow. I am happy to talk to anyone to address concerns they have, and to make sure they feel comfortable shopping,” Chapman said.

“Farmers are really depending on this,” she said. “The food is here and more is coming. It is very important we do everything we can to make sure this food is sold.”

If customers have questions or concerns, Betsy Chapman can be reached at 662-816-7413 or