Sunday, January 24, 2021

UM Offering Virtual Team-Building Sessions

Virtual team-building sessions are available to the University of Mississippi registered student organizations, university departments and off-campus groups.

The Department of Campus Recreation and Ole Miss Outdoors created the Virtual Team Building Program as a tool for student organizations and other groups to stay connected and focused during a time of remote working and learning. Sessions are conducted remotely via Zoom and include icebreakers, energizer activities and collaborative riddles, puzzles, games and challenges.

“These sessions help your organization improve transferable skills such as leadership, communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution,” said Shannon Richardson, assistant director of campus recreation for Ole Miss Outdoors. “The organization chooses its own goals, and each activity focuses on a specific goal and is debriefed after completion to determine if the group’s goal was met.”

Virtual team-building staff includes four student leaders who are trained in facilitating in-person and virtual team-building sessions. Two facilitators lead each 30- to 60-minute session, which are affordable and requires minimal materials. Costs cover facilitator preparation and wages.

“Participants must complete the registration form at least two weeks before your reservation date,” she said. “We will be in touch with you to discuss your session.”

Length of sessions and number of participants for the program include:

  • 30 minutes, 3-15 participants ($20 total for campus organizations, $25 total for external groups)
  • 30 minutes, 16-30 participants ($30 campus organizations, $35 external groups)
  • 60 minutes, 3-15 participants ($40 campus organizations, $45 external groups)
  • 60 minutes, 16-30 participants ($50 campus organizations, $55 external groups)

Campus departments can pay online by G/L transfer. All groups can pay online via Visa or MasterCard. Sessions will be electronically billed after completion.

To complete the team building request form, visit

By Edwin B. Smith